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How to fix Crawl Errors(404 error pages) in Google Webmaster Tool

Crawl Errors: Bloggers submitted their website(blog) on google webmaster tool for SEO. Then google robot will visit website(blog) automatically and indexed website(blog) all contents.If google robot will not find any post or page which was available before then google webmaster tool return this error as a Crawl Errors(404 error pages),that means google robot can't find the page or post at this time.

For fixing Crawl Errors(404 error pages) you will be followed some steps,so lets start now,

1.First go to Google Webmaster Tool,then sign up and Click on SEARCH CONSOLE.

2.You will show your all website(blog) list then click on the name of website(blog) which you want to fix Crawl Errors(404 error pages).

3.After clicking on the target website(blog) name a new page will be open where you will see Crawl Errors now click on it and open a new page automatically and you will able to see which number of URL show error in Desktop and Smartphone platform.

4.Now click on the link which show error and it will open a pop-up and copy the URL and paste it to on your browser then you will show Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist this error which means your blog unavailable to find this link.

5.Now go back google webmaster tool and focus in the left side you will see a option like Google Index now click on it and it expands different options and select Remove URLs.Now click on Temporarily hide and paste the URL to the box now click on continue then you will show new page where you should select Temporarily hide page from search results and remove from cache and then click on Submit request.Now you will see your result Status will Pending.

6.After few moments you will see the Status will be Removed and go back to Crawl and expand it now select Crawl Errors and at this time you will be select  URL and marked it then click on Mark AS FIXED.Finally you will be able to solve this problem successfully.

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