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Install pycharm professional edition in Kali linux permanently with licence

PyCharm is a powerful cross-platform IDE for python2x and python3x. Some linux distribution setup PyCharm IDE by just apt-get install pycharm, but if you repository doesn't have pycharm then what you goona do ? You can install tarball package but it is painful after everytime you go in bin package and run Today i show you how you can run PyCharm from any directory in terminal.

Now here is the pain tutorial. Download pycharm from here. Assume that your download location  is /root/Download/.
Open you terminal and type

cd /root/Downloads/ && tar -xvzf pycharm-professional-2016.1.4.tar.gz

Remember after -xvzf give the correct pycharm file tar. It will be change after come new edition.

The output screen will be like this.

Now type this
cd pycharm-2016.1.4/bin/

Now type pwd and you get a path like my picture. The path is /root/Download/pycharm-2016.1.4/bin

now Type a new terminal and type gedit .bashrc and you got a huge file. You can use any editor. Find the text for # enable color support of ls and also add handy aliases like my picture. Then give the statement in there, i marked into my picture alias pycharm = 'sh /root/Download/pycharm-2016.1.4/bin/' . I recommend you to use nano editor. Remember, the /root/Download/py.... path is previous copied path :).

Use single quotation if double quotation doesn't work.Then save and exit. After that close your terminal and open your terminal again and type pycharm. If you get error after opening terminal then you have path
problem. After open in registration pycharm like this.
Server key =

 Now your pycharm is professional mode :)
If you have any query then please post it comment :)

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