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How to install PyCharm in Linux

PyCharm is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment).It's used for programming in Python. PyCharm provides an integrated unit tester,an awesome graphical debugger,it's analysis codes and also supports web development with Django (High Level Web Framework based on Python).

PyCharm is a cross-platform application which working on Windows,Linux,Mac OS X. PyCharm has three different version.

Professional Edition:  Download
Community Edition:   Download
Educational Edition:  Download

Use Community Edition and Educational Edition cause these are free version.

PyCharm Editions Comparison: See More

 # Oracle java JRE 1.6.x(UpTo) or OpenJava JDK 1.7.x(UpTo)
 For checking java version type on terminal,
  > java -version

 # Python 2.7 or Latest version installed
 # 2gb Ram
 # Internet connection enabled

Now choose which Edition you want to use and download it and follow some steps,

1.Downloaded file will be stored in the Downloads.So go to Downloads folder and Exrtact it or you can open your terminal and type
  > cd Downloads 
  > ls
  > tar -xzvf pycharm_edu_edition.tar.gz (it extract the .tar.gz file)
  > ls
  > cd pycharm-edu-version
  > ls
  > cd bin
  > ls
  > ./ (Now execute PyCharm)

Or you will follow these steps for installing PyCharm,

 > sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mystic-mirage/pycharm
 > sudo apt-get update
 > sudo apt-get install pycharm  (it will install Professional Edition)
 > sudo apt-get install pycharm-community (it will install Community Edition)

Now you will able to use PyCharm.And if you installed new PyCharm then click,

Newly Installed

And if you have already installed PyCharm in your system then click,
Another Version Install

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