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How to install Chromium in Linux(Easiest Way)

Chromium is an open-source project that based on Google Chrome.Chromium is completely open source so its available in many Linux distributions and it's easy to install in Linux. It's also available for another platform such as Microsoft Windows,MAC OS X and Google Chrome OS.Chromium browser is maintained by Chromium project.

Chromium Features:
 > Auto update system.
 > Integrated PPAPI version of Adobe Flash Player.
 > Built-in PDF viewer and print preview.
 > Safer,Faster and more stable
 > Highly Secure.
 > Better Privacy than Chrome.

 Now i will show you how to install Chromium in Linux so follow me,
  > First open Synaptic Package Manager.Then click on Search option and you will see an input field now type on search box as like Chromium.After few seconds you will show some packages about Chromium now select cgpt,chromium and chromium-bsu-data packages.Now click on Apply and install these selected packages.
Download Packages
  > After downloaded these packages open your terminal and type:
    > nano /etc/chromium.d/default-flags
    Now open a text file using nano text editor and you will see some text here which are start with # symbol now replace these text by using this text,

    # A set of command line flags that we want to set by default.

    # Do not hide any extensions in the about:extensions dialog
    export CHROMIUM_FLAGS="chromium --no-sandbox --user-data-dir"
    #"$CHROMIUM_FLAGS --show-component-extension-options"

 > After paste these text press Ctrl+O and Ctrl+X (one by one).

  > Now search Chromium on your system and you will find Chromium now click on it and within few seconds Chromium will be open successfully.

  That's all,if you face any problem then comment.

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