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How to upgrade Tenda router Firmware

For upgrading firmware you should follow some steps so now follow me,

1.First open your browser and  goto Tenda, look at top of the webpage and click on Service and Support then a new page will be open and click on Download then type your router model in Find Download by Model and Download suitable Firmware version for your router.Now type
(by typing this ip address you can access router admin panel) on your browser and you will see login option of your router.Then type your User Name(admin which is fixed) and password which you set before.

Type your router model and click Firmware
Type Password

Before download you should must input your router model then download it.

2.Suppose if your Hardware Version is like 2.2. 0 then you should download Firmware version like this (V2.2.0).

3.Now unzip the downloaded folder and goto your router control panel and click on Tools and firstly Backup and Restore your current sytem then click Upgrade,you will find file choosing option now choose Firmware file which you download(must be unzip this file then upload). After uploading it then click on Upgrade.

Select Tools

Keep Backup then Upgrade

4.After clicking upgrade router system will start upgrading process after completing upgrading process it will reboot automatically.So wait a minute then router rebooted successfully and upgrade Firmware version.

If you face any problem then notify us by commenting,we will try to fix your problem :D

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