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How Google Track/Monitor Users

Google is a famous search engine in internet world and a tech giant company which have many amazing products and different types of online services. In every seconds handles google search engine million-million search queries. Google track users of these products and show search results and ads based on users searching activities. But I think this tracking system is hampered users privacy and policy. By tracking users google makes more efficient search technique for each individual user.

Today i will tell you how google track users,

Cookie: When you go to and type your search query, then they generate a unique identifier for each google search engine user and set it to a cookie and store on your computer. Google can read this cookie from your computer and this way they track your each search and web activities.   

Email: Most users use gmail which is google mailing product and its very famous. When users use gmail service, then google scans the content of all mails. It scans your outgoing and incoming emails. Now you can think that if I delete my mail then google couldn't scan it. But it's your wrong think cause google never delete its own copies.

Google+: Google+ is also a product of google and it's a social networking site. If you use some features of google then Google forces you to join in Google+. By using Google+,Google to collect your personal information about your birthday, hometown, pet and etc.

: Users spend huge time with YouTube for watching videos then google tracks your search query on google and based on your search query YouTube refers you different types of videos as you want. 

Google Maps/Street View:You search on Google Maps to know about your position and finding your destination which you want to travel. By using google maps you gave your current position and your future destination to google. Now-a-days most vehicles use street view to know about their position by using GPS technique. And of this product google use information.

User Agent: Users' use different types of internet browsers for using internet service. Users go from their favorite browsers and search different types of queries. So the process will be firstly borrowers trying to find google then browser tell about its version, users OS, users IP address to google at that moment google start tracking users. If any browser doesn't provide any information to google then google don't provide any service.

Firefox: What about that? It's not a Google product so it's not track us. Hey knowledge seekers don't think in advance OK. Do you think about why Google is the default search engine in Firefox?
Ok then I clear about it when you type anything in Enter and Search Address box, then Firefox checks that you searched website is on google blacklist or not if not, then it show results by using Google search engine. Mozilla receives a huge amount of profit from google that's why Firefox makes google search engine default. It's a service for URL-Shortener. Users paste here long URL and made it shortened. When user paste URL then google save it. 

Google Analytics: Now-a-days most web admins or developers use Google Analytics for tracking who use and visit their website and visitors from which country visited website most. In this process web admin and developers collect detailed information about users and visitors. So google tracks both visitors, developers and admins by using one product :V .

Google Ad-sense: Google Ad sense is an amazing creation of google by using this service web development and admins earn money from their website. It's a famous product all over the world. Suppose you search on Google about delicious food and visit some website, after visiting the website it shows your article about delicious food, but if this website use Ad-sense then you also see ads about delicious food. After seeing this you just amazed and think about what's happening with me :( .Google tracks you by using this Ad-sense product and online advertising is the most easy way for tracking.Google tracks you by using this Ad-sense product and online advertising is the easiest way of tracking.

Google Code Libraries:  Google Code Libraries is a type of high speed,reliable and globally available content.It's a distribution network which is the most famous and opensource libraries and this libraries are created by using JavaScript .Google Code Libraries also collect user data.

Google Web Fonts: Google created web fonts for using on web pages. Google Web Fonts are safe to use in web platform. Google Web Fonts are also standard fonts. It's also another google product which can trust these pages, whose are using Google Web Fonts on their web site.

Google Toolbar: Google Toolbar is a toolbar for web browser. Google Toolbar has included with many extra features. Features such as Autofill, Auto-link, spellchecker, Translation, Page Rank Display, etc. It also tracks users' activity.

Now a question is turning around on your brain, that is each and every Google Product is tracking me. Please don't think writer indirectly warns you to stop using google product. Use or not it's depends on you. 

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