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How to fix Secure Connection Failed(An error occurred during a connection) in Firefox

A few days ago I was searching something in Firefox, but it showed error like,Secure Connection Failed - An error occurred during a connection to security library failure. Error code: SEC_ERROR_LIBRARY_FAILURE.I didn't understand what's wrong with Firefox. Everything which I was typing and searching in Firefox it again and again showing the same type error, after analysis Firefox error I understood that something wrong with my Firefox.

So i was tried a method for fixing this error and finally successfully able to fix this problem.So now follow me,

Step 1 > First open your Firefox and look at right side(Top) of your Firefox and click on Open Menu then click on Open Help Menu .

Step 2 > Help option will be open and you will see a option like Troubleshooting Information then click on it and a new page will be open and you will see like Refresh Firefox,now click on Refresh Firefox then a pop-up will be open and again click on Refresh Firefox then it process will start work automatically.

Step 3 > After completing process successfully Firefox will be open automatically and you will show Success!Now select option Restore all Windows and Tabs then it will work properly as you want.

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