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Presentation about Network Diagram

The Origin of the Network Diagram:
Developed in 1957 by the US Navy during the construction of the Polaris submarines.

Creating Network Diagrams:

> Determine the activities which need to be completed.
> Put these activities into sequence.
> Calculate how long each activity should take.
> Establish dependencies i.e. tasks which depend on the completion of a previous task .
> Establish which tasks are to be completed first, any tasks with no predecessors can start as soon as the project begins.

Determining Critical Path:

> Critical activities have zero slack and cannot be delayed without delaying the completion of the project.
> The longest path on the network.

Critical Path of the network diagram: A,C,E,G,H

Benefits of Network Diagrams:

> Easy to read and understand
> Clearly highlights the sequence of tasks in the project
> Conveys parallel activities
> Demonstrates the links between each task 
> Highlights which activities are critical 
> Shows where float can exist

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