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JOB Portal Software Requirement Specification(SRS)

First and foremost we would like to thank of course teacher name for giving us a chance to work in this project and giving us an opportunity to enhance our technical skills and performance.We would like to thank our parents and teachers for supporting us during our academic career, who are always support us so that we could focus on our project work. Finally, I would like to thank all of them whose names are not mentioned here but have helped us in some way to accomplish the work.

In the current scenario, there is a rat race in each and every professional field. It is also true for job market. A job portal is a website dedicated for online information about recruiters as well as job seekers. A job portal helps both the job seekers and recruiters finding the right organization for the employees. In the case of job seekers, according to their educational qualification, experience and their preferences, the job portal shows the list of companies to the job seeker. And, to the recruiters, provides the suitable candidates from a pool of lacks. So, a job portal is the perfect online arena, where both the job seekers and the employers find their goal in the pursuit of getting a top notch company for the suitable candidates.

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