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Android Application for Security Testing(Part 2)

OS: Android
Version: Android 2.1+
AppUse stands for Android Penetration Test Platform Unified Standalone Environment is developed by AppSec Labs.AppUse is like a virtual machine. AppSec Labs creates a platform for smartphone security testing and its only for android device. AppSec Labs release version 3 of AppUse.
> Previous bugs fixed and better performance.
> Malware Analysis.
> Ability to extract databases.
> Multiple devices supported.
> Ability to view/edit/pull files.
> Real devices fully supported.
> Proxy supports for binary protocols.
> Advanced apk(Android Application Package) analyzer.
> Android 5 to updated version compatibility.
> New application data section.
> Dynamic analysis.
> Represent tree views of application file and folder structure,etc.

Application type: Paid($99 for 1year).


OS: Android
Version: Android 2.1+
RAT means Remote Administration Tool. Androrat is remote administration open source tool for Android platform.Its a type of client or server side application developed by using java which is OPP(object oriented programming)language for working in client.Actually security specialists used this application for unauthorized access of an Android device and control this device remotely.
> Making a new call.
> Access Contact list.
> Access call-logs.
> Access Messages(Received,Send,Drafts).
> Access GPS & track location.
> Access Camera.
> Access Browser and browsing.
> Access Microphone and recording.
> Gaining Permission for sending message.
> Vibrate Phone.
> Video Streaming.


OS: Android
Version: Android 2.1+
AndroGuard is an Android application for security testing.Actually AndroGuard runs by listening a command that has been sent from via SMS and this process occur in background. AndroGuard doesn't interfere user activity on android device.When lost user phone user can end emergency SMS,lock their phone,track latest location of smart-phones by using AndroGuard application.It allows Malware analysis,Goodware analysis,Reverse engineering on android application.
> Lock mobile phone.
> Reverse engineering.
> Erase data on smart-phone.
> Sending SMS an emergency situation.
> Android application analysis.
> Manipulating and mapping APK/ARSC/DEX/ODEX.
> Risk analysis for malicious program.


OS: Android
Version: Android 2.1+
Arpspoof is the most powerful application used for network auditing which is developed by Doug Song.Actually this application redirects traffic in the local area network by modifying ARP(Address Resolution Protocol)packets replies.


        CPU: ARM
OS: Android
Version: Android 2.3+
Root: Yes
dSploit is Android application developed by Simone Margaritelli. Its the most powerful  android application for complete penetration testing and analysis of network,its specially made for security professional and cyber specialists.In one application developer include all tools and functionalities for testing network. dSploit allows security professionals to test network vulnerability scanning,network mapping and MitM(Man-in-the-middle) attacks.
> Port Scanning.
> Vulnerability Scanning.
> Mapping Network.
> Crack login security.
> Custom Filtering.
> Inspector.
> Sniffing Session.
> Password Sniffing.
> Packet forger.
> Simple Sniffing.
> Kill current connections.
> Redirection.
> Trace.
> Replace videos & pictures.
> MitM.


OS: Android
Version: Android 2.1+
WPScan is an application for Android Platform which is used for penetration testing about WordPress and specially made for security professionals.So actually WPScan is WordPress vulnerability scanner.This tools provides WordPress current vulnerability.There is a desktop application name WPScan but don't be confused desktop application and android platform application are different but same name.

> Detect WordPress Version
> Analysis Web application.
> Provides information about current vulnerability.
> Enumeration of users.
> Find WordPress Oday vulnerability.
> Test WordPress Plugins.
> Test WordPress Themes.


OS: Android
Version: Android 2.1+
Network Access: Yes
Bugtroid is an application which is developed by Bugtraq-Team. Bugtraq-Team includes at lest 200 tools(Android and Linux based tools) in one tool.Its specially made for penetration testers.
> Denial of service(DOS).
> Penetration testing.
> Forensic.
> Antivirus.
> Web platform analysis.
> Security
> Online Anonymity.
> Wireless auditing.
> Network mapping.
> Sniffers.
> Cryptography.

Bugtroid has two types one is totally free and another is paid($ $3.17) which is pro version.

OWASP Droid Fusion

    OS: Android
    Version: Android 2.1+
Android platform based application developed by OWASP for doing development,malware analysis,penetration testing for applications,forensics,etc.This tools is also used for
mobile security research.Its collection of 60 tools and script which are totally free,so you shouldn't worry about finding another tools.   
> Fastboot
> SBFlash
> Heimdall:
      > GUI
      > CLI
> Application for penetration test:
> Zap.
> Ettercap.
> Wireshark.
> W3af.
> Brupsuite.
> Android Exploition:
> Metaspolit.
> Android device testing Framework for exploition.
> Mercury.
> Smart-phone testing Framework.
> Desktop screen recorder.
> Fastboot
> iPhone Bruteforce.
> Arduino IDE.
> Android Bruteforce
> Forensic:
> Scalpel.
> iPhone Backup Analyzer.
> Dc3dd

SSHDroid- Android Secure Shell

OS: Android
Version: Android 2.1+
SSH stands for Secure Shell which is cryptographic network protocol. SSHDroid is actually a type of SSH server which is specially implemented for Android platform. SSHDroid allows connection between android device and computer then its possible to execute command from terminal and adb shell.After establishing connection between android device and computer it will possible to edit files through Cyberduck,WinSCP and SFTP(SSH File Transfer Protocol),etc.
> WiFi auto start white-list.
> Shared key authentication required.
> Notification controller.
> Widget for home-screen and lock-screen.
> Ads free.
Application type:
   Free: Yes
   Paid: Yes

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