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1. Bio: I'm founder of this blog site. I am loving to work with information and technology actually I am a student of it department. So I am trying to keep a touch with information and technology, carrier, Kali Linux, etc.I'm not 100% perfect in any topics, but I'm still trying hard and interested to share my knowledge. After starting my life with technology I am faced a lot of problem, just like operating systems, programming, career etc.But when I solve my problem in the search engine I cannot find any answers which I have actually needed so I am always trying hard to solve a problem which I am faced and post it on my blog for this you will read any post on my blog. I think if you will read my blog posts you will learn something. My blog post does not waste your valuable time and I promised that I will try all time to post a new article based on blog topic and I will show how one can fix problems easily.My writing skill isn't very high, so I have any mistakes in my writing like as grammar, spelling, etc. please don't mind keep up visiting with this site and support me.I promised that I will never frustrate you.

2.Why you should visit this blog ?
If you visit this blog, firstly you saw my blog topic, then you can understand which news are you get found my blog. Sometimes you are fallen some types of problem and you searched it on different search engine, but you cannot find your perfect answer which, have you want actually. We're also facing this problem and we can't solve any problem easily and wasting my time. Then we fixed decision that which problem we'are faced this type of problem will have no other faced. When we're faced problem then we're fixed our mind to create a blog and we'are posting it how one can simply solve problem. So if you visit this blog you will learn how you can solve your problem easily and fix it.I think you will get and learn different types information from this blog if you will visit this when you have faced any problem.

3.What types of solution you can get from here?
By visiting this blog you will get the solution of Kali Linux, penetration testing tools, career news update, different ways of earning money, download your favorite movies etc.So don't give up to visit this blog everyday.

4.Achieve knowledge in short time: By reading this blog you can acquire different types of knowledge in a short time, so you can't need to waste your time by visiting another blog.

5.Goal and future plan: We're always trying hard to enrich my blog with different types of information and solution, which your's actually needed.

6.Contact me:  Please give your valuable feedback, cause yours and your feedback is very important to develop this site's topic. If you contact with me then we will know what you actually want from this blog and we will understand our problem which we have been doing while we're  writing an article. Feel free to give your feedback, any suggestions and ideas. We will try to obey it.